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Srila Prabhupada: October 28, 1975 Nairobi

"You should take to farming for supporting yourself. That’s all. Grow your own food. Grow your own cloth. There is no need of financial help from outside. You get your food grains sufficiently, rice, dahl, wheat, vegetables, milk, sugar. Bas You get everything. From these five, six items you should be economically free. That you have to do, not for trade to get money. Then it will be failure. . . Grow food first of all to feed yourself sumptuously. You must get strength, and that is needed. But not for trade.

The policy should be that you should be self-sufficient and save time for advancing in Krishna consciousness.  That is wanted."


Lila Radhaa- two and a half years old cow,were  acquired from Leonard Garcia of Wittmann, Arizona along with halfer Laila- five months old. Both were  sheltered in


                      GOSHALA         ગૌશાલા          गोशाला


- located in SAN TAN VALLEY, near QUEEN CREEK- a town SouthEast of Phoenix, Arizona.

Care takers : PALMERS & SONS ORGANIC FARMS, assisted by Jacob and Jennifer

We have two cows named Annbel and Laila Rani. Annabel delivered a calf on December 11, 2012 named Balaram. Laila Rani gave birth to a calf as well named Krishna, and nick named Rain Bow - as it rained that day and a rain bow was visible on  December 14, 2012. Third calf to Annabel is named Shyamu [ Shyam Das]  delivered on April 16, 2015 at 6 AM.

Former caretakers were Shelley Clark and Oscar Gilbert. Credit goes to Judge Annette S, Gila River Indian Community who suggested the name of  Live Stock Inspector J R Hernandes, who in turn suggested that his cousin can take care of cows in Maricopa.

 Raw Milk and cheeze have been offered to deities Sri Sri Radha MadhavaHari , Sri Nath Gopal Ji and Sri Sri Gaur Nitai and other temples in metroplex.

 Lila Radha left this world on June 1 due to natural cause, according to Veterinarian Dr Cal Cordell- in order to go to Goloka.


 "Raakhe Krishna maaare ke, maare Krishna raakhe ke"!

(If Krishna wants to protect you, who can save you? If Krishna wants to get rid of  you, who can protect you ?


On her 10th day of demise, on June 11, prayers were offered at Hari Naam in Temple, Arizona. Prayers were also offered on 13Th Day of demise on June 14 at Shri  Shri Radha MadhavaHari Dham in Chandler, Arizona, USA during SriMadBhagavatam class in morning. 


C for child protection     O for old-people protection

W for women protection S for sädhu or brähmana protection

E I N  #  45-2897794    FaceBook  https://www.facebook.com/azgoshala?ref=hl


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Reply Dhira
3:05 AM on May 21, 2013 
Love you All. Hare Krishna and Jai Prabhupada.