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A Goshala has been opened in Arizona on April 8, 2010 with a view to save the mother cow and obtain "Ahimsa Milk" to be offered to deities. The milk is classified as "Ahimsa Milk" as long as the cow (and its calves) yielding milk are not slaughtered but die of natural death after it has stopped giving milk. Inspired by His Holiness Ganapati Swami during several home programs, a group of cow lovers decided to support the establishment of Goshala in Arizona in 2010.


The first cow named Radha Lila was acquired along with heifer Laila Rani from a location in Wittman, Arizona. Ahimsa Milk and cheese obtained were offered to deities at ISKCON Phoenix Temple for a dozen times. To improve commuting, both cows were relocated to Maricopa, Arizona in a small farm near Maha Ganapati Temple. Almost after one month, Radha Lila passed away due to food poisoning. The milk supply to the Temple was thus halted.


Since heifer Laila Rani was now more than two years old, it was decided to relocate her - effective February 1, 2012- to Palmer Organic Farms, located in San Tan Valley, near Queen Creek, South East of Phoenix- the location being closer to residents in South Chandler- and easier to visit by devotees. There were nine cows already there. A cow named Annabelle was so happy to have the company of Laila Rani that she yielded more milk.

Caretakers of Palmer Organic Farms offered this excess milk to us to be donated to deities. A contract was signed between POF and Goshala assuring that Annabelle and her siblings- along with Laila Rani will never be slaughtered and be retired to another farm, after they have stopped yielding milk. Further, an additional clause was included that cows will be fed hay and natural grass, and fruits but no chemicals or hormones or any artificial food.


Goshala has been registered as a non-profit organization, 501 (C) with the Corporation Commission of Arizona.

Soon, the GOSHALA will meet the Matching Donation Program of United Way.

Goshala is affiliated to The International Society for Cow Protection (http://www.ISCOWP.org ) and guided by His Grace Balabhadra Das, its founder who has been serving cows for past four decades. Goshala has been visited in past by His Grace Dhaneswar Swami, author of " Lessons in Spiritual Economics from Bhagvad-gita" and His Holiness Ganapati Swami, His Holiness Gaur Sundar Swami and many families.

A Go-Puja was organized in 2011 in vicinity of Maha Ganapati Temple in Maricopa with the participation of over 30 families.

In USA, about 3600 cows are slaughtered every hour to obtain meat. The milk from such cows is offered to deities, and it amounts to "blood bath" according to Vedic standards of deity worship. Cow is considered a mother and holy animal. Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Prabhupada- Founder Acharya of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) supported the protection of cows, and establishment of Varnashrama dharma.

To fulfill that mission several communities need to be established near every Krishna Consciousness Mandir.

Progress made by Goshala is a small step in that journey for our future generation. We seek your assistance in organizing trips to GOSHALA to worship our holy mother cow so that kidz and families may learn the importance of cows protection.


Visit http://www.savethemothercow.webs.com


Nationwide support with online donation has been received from Georgia, Texas, California and other states.





Radha MadhavaHari Das

(Dr Prayag Narayan Misra)

1642 E Erie Street,

Chandler, AZ 85225-5210, USA

001 480 814 1372



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